Westec - Wide Format resellers

Westec have been authorised Wide Format Specialists since 1990 and are authorised resellers for Xerox Wide Format, KIP Wide Format, Ricoh Wide Format, Canon Wide Format, Hewlett Packard Wide Format and Epson Wide Format.

We aim to supply the right equipment at the right price that will fit our customers' needs. We strive to supply only equipment we have tested and have faith in not just the entire range of a manufacturer; as we are independant we can pick and choose from each.

We ask questions, listen to answers and then present the right equipment.

As specialists in Wide Format, we offer advice and consultation with regard to Wide Format Printing (including both Wide Format laser printers and Wide Format inkjet printers) and Wide Format Scanning.

We strive to reduce the stress from decision making and to recommend the right solution; not just for today but something that will realistically grow with you over the next few years.

We will undertake a site survey at tricky premises, relay to logistics and arrange delivery. We will also instruct the installation/implementation and finally Westec will provide training as it is essential your staff understand the functionality of the equipment to achieve full value for money.

Westec also have a resourceful and dedicated Supplies department to provide quick and efficient wide format paper, along with inks and toner.