Mutoh ValueJet 1617H Wide Format Hybrid Printer

[Mutoh ValueJet 1617H wide format hybrid printer]The ValueJet 1617H hybrid printer delivers high quality prints on a wide variety of roll and rigid media, such as ABS, aluminium sandwich board, cardboard, non-pvc self-adhesive media, PE, PET, PMMA, PP, PVC foam board, recyclable fibre-based paper, uncoated polyester, uncoated Tyvek, etc.

The ValueJet 1617H utilises Mutoh’s MP11 Multi-Purpose inks. The MP11 CMYK + White inks are non-petrochemical based. The key carrier, comprising 50% of the ink, is derived from corn. The ValueJet 1617H is the obvious choice for print providers who supply customers demanding "green output" (recyclable media).

The ValueJet 1617H is designed for start-up companies as well as established print businesses wanting short run production of roll prints and panel creation for close viewing distances. It is the versatile, economic option that reduces impact on the environment.

Key features

Typical applications

The ValueJet VJ-1617H will produce high quality graphics for short viewing distances such as trade show graphics, POP, customised interior decoration, small lot packaging prototypes, banners, posters, etc.

Download the Mutoh ValueJet 1617H data sheet (in PDF format).