Wide Format Printers

Multifunction Printer-Scanner-Copier

These are large format printers combined with a scanner in a single footprint to offer quick auto copying and/or scanning facility. Hard copy can be enlarged/reduced, multi copied fast or scanned for archiving or converting into DXF for CAD.

Wide Format CAD printers

Large Format CAD printers are usually used by Architects, Engineers or the Construction industries. Quality is high (720-2880 dpi) printing lines, text, GIS maps and location photos. Large Format CAD printers usually have four inks.

Wide Format Graphic printers

Large Format Graphic printers are used by Commercial artists, Photographers, Galleries (Giclee: French for squirting ink). Large Format Graphic printers usually have a much wide colour gamut for subtle skin tones and large areas of colour, posters, banners etc.

Eco Solvent printers

Eco Solvent printers are suitable if you want to print outdoor signage: posters, banners, window display, back lit, vehicle signs, road signs, etc. No laminating needed as waterproof and colour fast for 3 5 years.


There are only three primary colours: Red, Blue and Green. Where RGB overlap it mixes into Cyan, Magenta & Yellow which is why these colours are mostly used in printers and photocopiers. Black is added as a fourth colour separately to produce a truer denser black and not waste the other three colours trying to achieve it and is usually the most often used.

RGB colour CMY colour