Epson SureColor SC-T7700DL 44″/1117mm

Epson SureColor T7700DL 44″/1117mm


This high print volume printer with an Integrated Ink Pack System featuring 1.6L pigment ink packs including Pk, Mk,
CMY, Red.

The SC-T7700DL combines high productivity with a low total cost of ownership.  It provides the capacity for extended print runs thanks to its 6-colour integrated ink pack system with 1.6L UltraChrome XD3 all-pigment ink packs, including a
red. The dual-roll boosts productivity by automatically switching rolls even between two different media types and sizes or for roll-to-roll printing.

Focused on higher print volumes
The SC-T7700DL boasts 1.6L ink packs, versatile dual rolls, and a permanent 2.64-inch micro TFP printhead. The features result in a durable high-volume printer for customers who need speed, consistent image quality, and security.

Fast and adaptable
High speeds up to 130 m2/hr, water-resistant pigment inks, automatic media switching, and bi-directional auto take-up reel.

Ideal for print rooms or copy shops
The contemporary and versatile design makes it ideal for working environments, with a flat back, front, and sides it allows installation tightly against walls and cabinets. Save regularly used files securely on the encrypted 960GB SSD1.  Monitor usage and consumables remotely.

Lifetime printhead
Print large quantities of detailed technical drawings or advertising posters, without the need to replace the printhead. Images will look professional, precise, and vibrant.

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