HP DesignJet T1100 Printer 44" (SECOND USER)


Increase your productivity with a fast, reliable large-format printer that produces high-quality CAD and GIS output, with the Three-black ink set for more accuracy and detail. Save time with networking, manageability features and full compatibility.

Key Features

Drivers for Windows and Macintosh

Embedded Adobe PostScript 3 RIP

256 MB RAM and 40 GB hard disk

Direct file submission of HP RTL, HP-GL/2, CALS,

TIFF, JPEG, PostScript, and PDF files



Impressive accuracy and detail Professional projects with neutral grey, true black and impressive colours.  Produce exacting detail and precise, accurate line quality. Using the HP Three-black ink set the system produces true neutral grey, accentuating the detail in your prints. Get improved line accuracy to 0.1 percent1 and 0.0423 mm minimum line width, plus excellent horizontal-to-vertical line-width difference.  Present your professional best. HP Vivera inks produce a wide range of colours, from vivid colour to soft tones. With the matte black, photo black, and grey HP Vivera inks, you’ll achieve more accurate colour and true neutral grey, even on glossy media. And your prints will have smoother area fills more depth and more subtle contrasts.  Avoid smudges with fast-drying HP Vivera inks.  HP Vivera inks result in prints with excellent smudge-resistance on a range of Original HP media.

Fast, easy to share Boost personal and workgroup productivity.  Print CAD and GIS projects as fast as 35 seconds for a D-size page.2 The HP Designjet T1100 delivers high-speed printing without sacrificing accurate print quality. HP Scalable Printing Technology is designed to place smaller ink drops precisely for consistent results, even at fast print speeds.  Free up workstations and process complex files. quickly. In-printer processing architecture lets you send a file to the printer and get back to work quickly. The printer’s 40 GB hard disk provides a large buffer, reducing the chance that your workstation will lock up when printing large files.  And your files travel swiftly over the Internet, without complication, allowing you to print even the most complex files.

Change print-job priorities and reprint copies efficiently. Use the Job Center and HP’s embedded webserver to control the progress and the Priorities of your print jobs, so you can skip the walk to the printer.  For easy batch printing, drag and drop a batch of files in any supported format to the Job Center.

Print jobs on the correct media every time. Alerts displayed by HP Easy Printer Care let you know when your print job requires you to change media.  The printer continues printing other jobs until you decide to swap media, so your colleagues won’t be interrupted. Rest assured Upgrade to a printer you can count on to deliver results.  Match your colours from the screen to print. Get the right colours on the first print with screen-to-print matching through a range of HP Professional Color Technologies, including enhanced sRGB and Adobe® RGB printing.

Connect easily. The HP Designjet T1100 readily connects to operating systems and applications thanks to HP-GL/2. HP printer drivers are specially optimized for AutoCAD, providing Windows® ease of use with the performance of HDI. And, Macintosh® drivers are standard with every model. HP Designjet T1100ps Printers deliver more robust connectivity with embedded PostScript/PDF support, printing TIFF and JPEG with embedded ICC profiles, offset emulation, and professional PANTONE

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