Epson SureColor SC-P7500 Spectro 24″ Printer

The NEW Epson SureColor SC-P7500 24″ large format printer offers exceptional quality and versatility across many applications.

The Epson P7500 is their first 12 colour large-format printer offering their widest ever colour gamut with 99% Pantone coverage1.

The Epson SureColor SC-P7500 (24-inch) is ideal for both artists and photographers, as they offer reliable reproduction for professional proofing and rapid throughput for high-volume production. The Epson P7500 large format printer is complemented by Epson’s newly-developed UltraChrome Pro12 ink Set, with K3 technology, which outputs both black inks simultaneously, and includes orange, green and violet, giving the user impressive colour accuracy.


  • Quality output (up to 24-inch): Epson’s UltraChrome Pro12 ink set, with K3 technology
  • Productivity: Truly impressive production speeds
  • Reliability: Nozzle Verification Technology and dust-prevention
  • Ease of use: 4.3-inch touchscreen LCD panel with a user-friendly interface
  • Colour accuracy: Wide colour gamut with 99% Pantone coverage¹
  • Spectroproofer: Faster and more accurate colour measurement eliminating the need for a professional operator.


This New Epson P-Series model has been developed for a range of applications, including:

Professional photographers and fine art production who demand the highest print quality to make their art more marketable to the discerning buyer. In addition to the 12-colour ink set, the Epson designed, advanced printheads use up to 800 nozzles for each colour, to produce accurate dot placement and eliminate misprints. They combine high-speed production with quality, thanks to the μTFP12 printhead with 300dpi resolution and 12 channels. Images also benefit from smooth gradations and accurate texture reproduction. Deeper blacks are achieved through black enhancement overcoating technology which results in even more striking and dramatic printed images. For those who value true creative freedom and need to print on a wide variety of media, the Epson SC-P7500 (24-inch) supports fine art papers, canvases, photo paper and more.

The Epson P7500 is also ideal for packaging and contract proofers, for whom precision matters, Epson has raised the industry standard for proofing.

The Epson P7500 Spectro Printer features colour measurement, checking and correction technologies, users can work with more efficiency and greater confidence. And this model with the optional SpectroProofer with photo spectrometer leads to faster and more accurate colour measurement and the in-line proofing colour control is fully automated, giving always excellent, high quality, predictable print colour.

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