HP DesignJet T1600 dr PS 36″ Printer

The HP T1600dr PS A0 plotter offers larger inks and faster print speeds than the entry-level T130 and T500 series printers. This makes the HP T1600 ideal for busy and demanding workgroups. This options comes with a dual roll unit for the ultimate in productivity. With the ability to load two rolls on to the T1600dr you can have media of different sizes or grades loaded for ease of switching or you can do long unattended print runs when installing identical media, seamlessly switching from one roll to the other to complete the job. This printer is also PostScript enabled, allowing you to quickly print multiple PDF’s rather than one file at a time.


he HP T1600dr PS is an A0 printer for the printing of plans and drawings up to A0 size. The HP T1600dr has a slimline design, quiet operation and neat footprint making it a great choice for busy design studios and workgroups printing their wide format technical documents, CAD plans, drawings, and colour presentations in house. The speedy T1600dr PS 36″ can produce an A1 print in as little as 19.3 seconds and produce 180 A1 prints per hour.

With the dual roll unit, the T1600dr PS allows for the ultimate in productivity with the ability to do long unattended print runs if loading two rolls of the same media. If choosing to load media of different sizes or grades you can easily switch between the two without the hassle of constantly changing of rolls. The HP Designjet T1600dr PostScript printer is fully networkable and Wi-Fi enabled. On top of this, the T1600dr PS is equipped with security features that make these printers the world’s most secure large format printers as well as being PostScript enabled.

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