HP DesignJet T1600PS 36″ Printer

The HP T1600 delivers a new innovative user experience. The T1600 is an auto-switching dual roll ePrinter. This is perfect for the larger office and departmental teams. Use your Apple or Android smartphone to print from virtually anywhere.

Key Features

A1 Printer

Single or twin roll

Prints A1 in 19 Seconds

6 Inks: (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Matte Black, Grey, Photo Black)

2400dpi x 1200dpi



The HP T1600 ePrinter is a compact space-saving printer perfect for the larger office. There are two rolls which are loaded from the front, whilst at the back, the output stacking tray will hold up to 100 prints flat.

Thanks to its Web Connectivity you can work and print virtually anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection.
With the HP T1600, you are in control, you can view printer status via the touchscreen, track jobs, monitor the media rolls, track print costs, print borderless images and get true print previews all via the touchscreen.

Printing has never been easier with the HP Click software which makes printing PDF’s the easiest it has ever been.

Showcase design versatility from precise line drafts to boldly coloured 3D renders, with HP Bright Office Inks.

Print multiple jobs on different media types and sizes with Smart Switching – helping to reduce downtime changing rolls.

The HP T1600 can print complex files fast – A1 print in just 21 seconds thanks to the 320gb hard drive and parallel processing power.

Access, Print and save jobs from the cloud when you are out of the office by using HP Designjet ePrint and Share.

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