HP DesignJet T2600dr PS 36″ Printer

The HP Designjet T2600 is a multi-functional, Copy, Scan and Print in full colour with a compact footprint.  The T2600 comes with a large 15.6” Touchscreen Display Screen making job control easier. Fast Professional prints are achievable in just 19.3 seconds for an A1.

Key Features

Perfect for AED/GIS and CAD

2 Rolls


Typically Prints A1 in 19.3 Seconds

6” Touchscreen Display

Easy PDF Printing with HP Click

2400dpi x 1200dpi resolution

7 Inks (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Matte Black, Grey, Photo Black)

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The T2600 has an incredible 2400 x 1200 dpi print resolution that will keep your prints looking crisp and sharp.  The six colour ink system delivers unrivalled image quality for CAD Drawings with a pure Grey ink which is perfect for Construction Drawings.

The T2600 comes with a 15.6” colour touchscreen offering complete control.  From here you can view HP Click Print Utility and Submission Tools.  The Scan Feature allows viewing of your image capture directly as it scans, you are then able to zoom directly in from the monitor without having to return to your workstation.  The rear Top Print Collector makes easier collection of your printed images as it holds up to 50 prints.

The HP Designjet T2600 has either 1 or 2 roll feeds (Designjet T2600dr) allowing you to load different types and sizes ready to print.

You can select from a choice of ink sizes so your most used colours can always be purchased in higher capacity cartridges, whilst the less used inks can be purchased in smaller cartridges.

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