Mutoh VJ-1638X Wide Format Printer

The new Mutoh VJ 1638X, fourth-generation 64” wide single head sign and display printer pushes the boundaries of Speed, Quality and Ease of Use.  This printer is targeted at high volume production of long-term outdoor and indoor applications.   High quality and amazing sharpness at production speeds.

Key Features

1624mm (64″) wide-format inkjet printer

1440 nozzle variable drop Piezo inkjet head (CMYK)

Eco Ultra / UMS inks, 220 ml, 440 ml & 1000 ml, 8 ml / m² Ink Consumption

Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving printing technique inside space saver design – safe and easy to use



The Mutoh VJ 1638X has a dual head which will push the boundaries of speed, quality and ease of use.  The VJ 1638X delivers stunning prints time and time again. The Mutoh VJ 1638X reaches top speeds of 94 sqm/h.

To deliver best in class speeds the high-volume Mutoh ValueJet 1638X features a high precision mechanical design with latest piezo print head technology and new electronics including a powerful 64 bit RISC processor. Mutoh’s award-winning intelligent interweaving & DropMaster print technology offers a predictable and repeatable output quality.

The printhead is capable of producing ink drops ranging from 3.5 pl to 35 pl. It can produce a wider range of ink dots, which are moreover jetted at a much faster speed.  The result is faster output speeds and moreover a much better print quality at higher output speeds.

The Mutoh ValueJet 1638X is suited for the production of long-term outdoor and indoor prints on a wide range of materials including Posters, Wall coverings, Point-of-sale displays, vehicle graphics, fine art reproduction, stickers and much much more.



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