RICOH MPCW2201SP MFD Wide Format Printer

The Ricoh MP CW2201SP is designed for CAD/GIS and Graphic Arts applications. The Ricoh MP CW2201SP is a Complete Full-Colour Multi-Function Printer incorporating a  Printer, Copier & Scanner up to 36” width. Innovative Liquid Gel Ink technology reduces your running costs and boosts productivity and levels of usability.  Offering superior colour and mono value that today’s businesses need.

Key features

Single roll with the option of a second roll

A0+ width 36”

Colour scanner included

4 colour pigment based liquid Gel Inks

Print quality: 600 dpi



The Ricoh MP CW2201SP is perfect for CAD/GIS and Graphic Arts applications as its enhanced speed and image quality will help you increase volume.  The Ricoh MP CW2201SP uses advanced Gel Jet waterproof ink technology and with a fast print speed, this machine meets the market’s need for a highly productive and flexible printer.

To enable you to capture more Mono EP volume and increase your colour productivity this machine has enhanced speed and image quality. Increased high-speed monochrome printing, Black and White A1 3.8 pages a minute and Colour printing at 2.1 A1’s  per minute and having an additional colour print head allows two lines for each colour to be printed to enhance productivity.

The Ricoh MP CW2201SP is simple to operate and with paper rolls being loaded from the front.  It can print directly from your computer or remotely via wireless LAN interface or simply plug in your USB Drive.  Preview a scanned document before it is printed is a huge benefit to improve data accuracy.

Auto Nozzle detection is an advanced feature on the Ricoh allowing the Printer to automatically detect if print quality is poor.  This ensures the best productivity of the Printer.

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