With the KIP 660 able to effortlessly deliver 360 vibrant full-colour A1’s an hour it becomes an office necessity.

Key Features

360 prints an hour

2 roles

Integrated 600 dpi colour scanner

Single footprint

2400 dpi colour printer



With precise dot placement, the advanced toner technology produces perfect colours and strong black & white images. Bold rich lines and fine details with pinpoint accuracy delivered from true black printing gives all images crystal clear clarity. In a follow up to the breakthrough in printing of the KIP 800 series, the KIP 660 has improved on its brilliance, ease of use and reliability.

The 12.1” monitor works as well any top of the range tablet and the embedded apps make the KIP 660 as easy to manage as possible. The compact design ensures placement in locations previously not suitable for wide format colour production systems. KIP’s consistent speed technology ensures there is never a delay when printing complex files or high coverage images. Every document is printed at full rated engine speed ensuring that schedules and timelines are met day after day.

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