Mutoh VJ-2638X Wide Format Printer

The Mutoh ValueJet  VJ-2638x is a high volume printing solution printing up to 2.6m wide.  Mutoh’s ValueJet 2638X is the second generation 102″ (260cm) wide dual head Sign and Display printer, featuring the latest piezo inkjet head technology and high-precision mechanical design, latest generation electronics and high-quality inks.

Key Features

6 metre (102″) wide-format inkjet printer

64-bit RISC processor

Advanced piezo inkjet dual-head technology

4 colour (C, M, Y & K) 8 ml / m² Ink consumption

360, 720, 1080, 1440 dpi

Mutoh Eco Ultra Inks: 220ml, 440ml & 1000ml inks


2.6 m wide high quality volume print runs

Targeted at the sign and display market, Mutoh’s ValueJet 2638X (2600 mm – 102”) printer is perfect for established Sign Makers who need extra versatility and/or for larger organisations that want to extend their capacity and flexibility. The dual head VJ-2638X delivers unrivalled print quality due to its high-precision mechanical design, latest piezo inkjet head technology and an unprecedented level of print automation.

Flexible and reliable and able to deliver excellent print quality for volume production, the printer addresses the needs of businesses focusing on both high speed production and top quality print work.   Mutoh’s ValueJet 2638X will deliver best-in-class speed and superior print quality at sellable production speeds up to 39 m²/h.

Mutoh’s award-winning Intelligent Interweaving & DropMaster print technology offers predictable and repeatable output quality. The VJ-2638X produces best-in-class speed and the highest levels of quality to satisfy your customers with an output which will simply stand out and make heads turn.

The VJ-2638X is suited for the production of long term outdoor prints on a wide range of uncoated and coated substrates: posters, backlit signage, wall coverings, point-of-sale displays, vehicle graphics, stickers and much more.  Apart from outdoor applications, the ValueJet 2638X is also an excellent choice for durable photorealistic prints for indoor use.



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